U12 Bengals – Indoor Workout

The U12 Belleville Bengals will hold an indoor workout this Sunday,  March 26th from 5:40PM to 7:30PM.
This workout will be in the big gym at Nicholson Catholic College, Please use the entrance off of John Street.
This first workout is NOT part of the try-out process.
You will need a glove and indoor running shoes. We will not be batting.   Don’t bring a bat or a ball, unless it’s an indoor ball.
If you’re  thinking about a ball, in our league and any tournaments we will use 11″ balls.
I will be able to answer any questions you as parents or your child might have. I will be there a little earlier and will there until 8:00PM.
If your child wants to, or doesn’t want to play a certain position, this is the time to tell me. We will do some throwing and fielding drills. We hope to have some time for kids who want to try pitching. Remind your child that being a pitcher is also a homework assignment.
It’s open to both boys and girls born in 2005 or 2006.
We can also register anyone who hasn’t registered yet. You must be registered to enter the gym.